The perfect interior design wedding present

Design your own marital home together with this gift-boxed interior design experience - the perfect wedding present to help happy couples get married life off to a great start. Whether you have lived there for a while or just moved in the Newlyweds Nest package will help you create a beautifully balanced decor scheme to reflect both personalities and support with leading happy, healthy lives together. No more getting lost on Pinterest or arguing about pink paint! Learn how to find and apply inspiration, feel confident about using colour and create a sense of style and flow throughout the house using the Stylemongers Of Bristol design process. 

Inside each box: 

Couple’s Card Game

Newlyweds Nest Workbook



Choose from two confetti options for brightening up the inside of the box:

  • Rainbow hearts

  • White and gold discs 

Just ask your wedding guests to buy it for you!