Upcycled Pirate Galleon Pendant Light

Upcycled Pirate Galleon Pendant Light


This antique model of The Golden Hind ship languished in an attic for three quarters of a century before being given a new lease of life as a pendant light. It's distressed patina gives it a rustic charm, and its ceiling-suspended position will add intrigue, eccentricity and a touch of magic to the space in which it hangs. Using warm white LED strip to uplight its sails, this light is low on energy consumption. Fitted with black fabric twisted three core power flex, it can be wired directly in to the ceiling and neatly covered with the supplied black metal ceiling rose. The ship also comes with three suspension cables to stop it swinging around, with hooks at the end of each. Simply attach these to the cup hooks (not supplied) of your choice on the ceiling.

The light measures approx 70cm end to end, 40cm high and 20cm wide, and will need to be hung relatively high in order to avoid exposing the LED strip and driver box, all of which sit neatly on the ship's deck.

*This light will need to be installed by a professional electrician.* 


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