Consultation 9th January 10am

Consultation 9th January 10am


Don't know where to start with your interior project? Overwhelmed by indecision? Need your ideas validated or narrowed down?  Let us help with a consultation and follow up report to guide you through to completing your project. 

Zoe will visit your property for a 60 minute session, armed with colour charts, style moodboards, a tape measure and a questionnaire to identify the challenges in the space and your vision for the finished project. As there is more to interior design than colour alone there is also opportunity to discuss the floorplan and furnishings, lighting, and finishes, depending on the requirements of your particular project. In this time you can focus on one room in great detail, or up to six rooms in ‘broad strokes’. At the end of the session you will have a clear idea of the best layout for your space, the right ‘look’ or style, and a colour plan. 

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Afterwards you will receive a follow up Report that documenting the consultation and recommendations plus any additional points of research. This consultation service and report will leave you with a clear sense of purpose and direction for your project. 

Please note this service is only available to clients in the Bristol area. If you would like to book a consultation but live outside of Bristol we may still be able to help - please get in touch to make a special booking. 

Want to book but can't see a date that suits you? Contact us to arrange a more convenient slot.