Newlyweds Nest: Rainbow

Newlyweds Nest: Rainbow


Newlyweds Nest is a luxury, gift-boxed interior design service - the perfect wedding present! This version has rainbow packaging to appeal to both LBGT couples and those who simply prefer a splash of vibrant colour - it's a celebration after all! 

For couples who have lived in their home together for a long time or those who are moving into a new property, Newlyweds Nest combines two lives’ worth of interests and belongings in to a balanced design scheme for the room of their choice (excluding kitchens and bathrooms), whatever their taste, style or budget.


More than just a box! 

Complete with samples and moodboards, Newlyweds Nest equips couples with a blueprint to follow to install their bespoke design under their own steam, helping the happy couple start their spousal life together in a harmonious marital home.

Wondering how to finance the Newlyweds Nest experience? Simply go to to set up a crowdfunding for your wedding guests to donate to!


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How does it work?

  • Purchase / Receive the Newlyweds Nest Giftbox
  • Complete the questionnaire and quizzes inside
  • Return with photos and dimensions to Zoe Hewett Interiors
  • Wait 3-4 weeks
  • Receive your unique Design Scheme
  • Use it as a plan to guide you through redecorating!

What's in the Box?

  • Hand written Congratulations Card
  • Stylemongers of Bristol branded pencils x 2
  • Leaflet to explain how this gift works
  • Documents wrapped in ribbon, with a flurry of confetti, including the following:
  • Questionnaire aimed at understanding the property and the couple’s desires for their interior
  • Quiz games for each couple to guess how well they know each other’s interior design taste
  • Mind Map Template to help diagnose problems and challenges in the room 
  • Reference images to show different design styles
  • Sketching and Note Paper for additional information
  • Tips for taking good interior photos
  • Tips for how to measure up the room
  • Tick-list of what needs to be returned to Stylemongers of Bristol
  • Prepaid Return Postage


What's in the Design Scheme?

  • Floorplan Drawing with furniture layout
  • Elevation Drawings 
  • Moodboard for the scheme
  • Colour Scheme
  • Samples of paint, papers and fabrics and other finishes
  • Written Report to explain the design
  • Decorating Schedule to explain how to implement the design
  • Styling Guide to help achieve a professional finish
  • Budget Spreadsheet
  • Shopping List with supplier contact details 
  • Order Form for items that can be supplied by Zoe Hewett Interiors: Stylemongers of Bristol 


Our Pledge

We promise to deliver design schemes no more than 4 weeks after completed questionnaires have been received at our studio. We will always acknowledge receipt of returned questionnaires and give the newlyweds an estimated day of arrival for their design scheme. To give newlyweds plenty of time to submit their answers, we will honour returned questionnaires up to 1 year after the initial date of purchase. Please rest assured that Stylemongers of Bristol can design for all tastes, in any style and to any budget as set by the clients. Our questionnaires are specially designed to take a good brief from Newlyweds Nest clients, so If any couple is unhappy with their design scheme we will offer one revision free of charge, to make sure their scheme is perfect!

Any other questions? Please ask!