Sex Up Your Shop! Indie Retail VM Advice Service

Sex Up Your Shop! Indie Retail VM Advice Service


Our Online ‘Sex Up Your Shop!’ Service has been designed specifically for independent businesses to access professional guidance in a cost effective way. 

Many independent retailers struggle to make a strong visual impact, both in store and on the high street due to lack of professional input from Visual Merchandisers, Interior and Branding Designers. But a full redesign and refurbishment is often unaffordable for the small businesses that need it the most. Even the most valiant DIY efforts can culminate in results that underwhelm and undermine the business they seek to serve.  

So, the ‘Sex Up Your Shop!’ service aims to save business owners time, energy and stress. Using email based consultancy, this package equips proprietors with the right ideas, inspiration and advice to help them compete with internet retailers and chains by executing impactful improvements to their premises with aplomb.


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How does it work?

Upon purchasing, you will immediately receive an email containing a unique link to a downloadable questionnaire template. All you need to do is boil the kettle, and sit down comfortably to answer all the questions. Do take your time to think about your responses. The questions have been specially formulated to help you galvanise ideas for your business with the desired look, feel and function of your premises.  

When finished, simply return your answers to us by post or email along with photographs, or even video, of the premises, inside and out, and floorplans if possible. If floorpans are unavailable, accurate dimensions of the space will be adequate. 

The information you provide will help us learn all about your business, brand, plans and dreams. The photos will help us understand the challenges and opportunities within the space.

As soon as we receive your completed questionnaire, we will analyse all the information, undertake any necessary research and produce a written report, uniquely pertinent to your business. You can then use the report as an instructive reference guide, to help you upgrade your store with confidence.


What will I get?

A written report packed full of expert advice, solutions to problems and inspirational images to help illustrate the pointers. The document will be a pdf sent straight to your email inbox, and will contain the following:

Analysis of store and shopfront

Constructive criticism to highlight aspects most in need of improvement

Solutions for better layout, lighting, signage, VM strategy, display ideas etc

Suggestions on how to make those improvements

Inspirational images to guide and motivate

Annotated illustrations where appropriate

Task Planner

Quotation for a retail design scheme to use as a blueprint for your local builder / contractors / shop fitters to follow and install


When will I get it?

Usually it will take 7-10 days for your report to arrive once we receive your information.

In the spirit of supporting high street independents, Bristol Pound users can TXT2PAY to receive 10% discount! Simply text 07938 884 882 (or use the app) £B 265.50 to zoehewettinteriors. Don’t forget to email us when you’re done, on so we can send you your questionnaire booklet!

If you’d rather talk face to face about your Bristol based premises, simply request a brochure on 07974 544 734 or