Light up for winter

Extra lights being plugged in for Christmas is now a long standing tradition, and a very welcome one during the darker winter months. They don’t have to be Christmassy of course, especially they are required to be in service until British Summer Time resumes. Recently there seems to have been an explosion in the availability of handmade artisan lampshades. Suddenly they’re in every Pop Up Shop open (of which there is also a welcome abundance). 

Lighting enlivens all interiors, and no scheme is truly complete without a variety of pendant, wall, floor and side lights. Luckily, lampshades are a relatively inexpensive way to quickly change the look of a room to be in-keeping with the season (in the weather sense, as opposed to the fashion sense). There is one Bristol based designer making lampshades that really stand out from the crowd. While most shades currently crowding the craft scene have colourful graphic, geometric patterns or an illustrative feel, Susan Farrar creates rather glamourous shades printed on to a dramatic black background so deep that it seems to go on for eternity. Her method of photographing natural objects such as flowers, fungi, berries, butterflies and moths, then manipulating each image to interesting effect, is a very time consuming practice. It’s a labour of love that sometimes evokes a Victorian insect collection. For those who like the look of dark-walled interiors decorated with taxidermy and artwork that is currently in vogue, but wouldn’t feel brave enough to emulate the style at home, a few lamps with shades by Farrar Fine Arts might just lend enough of this flavour without needing to ‘go the whole hog’. Keep the darkness at bay by visiting Objects de Désir in Clifton Arcade or browse online:


Zoe HewettComment