Create a Valentines Snug, for all seasons!

February already! Time then, for romance and seduction (**waggles eyebrows**)! 

Valentine’s day is a great opportunity to have fun decorating the house, and will certainly help to give a home-cooked dinner for two a little extra wow factor. 

As an alternative to buying a ton of the mass-produced, cheesy red heart themed tat we see every single year (yawn), I have a suggestion that I hope you’ll prefer.

Try creating a cosy corner or snug, for two to enjoy spending some quality time. Designate an area to hang out in, whether its the regular sofa, two chairs positioned differently or even a comfy den of cushions scattered on the rug. Then make it special and seductive by pulling together a variety of different textures (sheepskin, velvet, leather - whatever you like) and objects to tantalise the senses. 

I’ve made a mini-bar (non-drinkers can substitute alcohol with beautifully presented soft drinks of course) on a black metal 1960s tin tray, printed with pink roses (a lovely masculine-friendly colour combination, not too chintzy)! The sleek metal and cold glass contrasts with the black velvet of the charcoal penguin side-light, and the taffeta and fringe I’ve draped on the wall behind. The dark colouring lends an intimate, secluded feel, and the textures a touch of decadence. 


There’s no need to spend lots of money unless you want to - borrow things from other rooms in the house! Dig out the emergency black-out candles from the kitchen's miscellaneous-drawer, grab some essential oils from the bathroom cabinet, and pinch all the pillows and throws you want from the bedrooms.

If you follow these pointers and like what you create, it doesn’t have to be temporary. Relationships need time invested in them year-round after all, not just Valentine’s night, so perhaps a permanent ‘snug’ is a good idea! Happy Valentine’s!

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