Spring Cleaning Party!

With Spring in the air there is no better time to treat the home to a deep clean. Windows open, radio blaring, and the satisfaction of settling down with a cuppa after a serious scrubbing session. I’m a die-hard believer in the saying ‘a tidy house is a tidy mind’ (although you may not believe it on days when my two year old has strewn toys everywhere and her dad is in the kitchen home-brewing a Belgian Tripel)! It is difficult to prepare a meal efficiently in a disorganised kitchen, or to think clearly whilst sat at a messy desk. The trick is to put adequate storage and systems in place to strategically manage all the STUFF our lifestyles generate.

As an Interior Designer I spend at least as much time planning the practicalities of a space as making it pretty. Sometimes, cleaning alone is not enough. When clutter accumulates, the sense of chaos it creates can become overwhelming, and the stress it causes is often underestimated.

Designate an easy-access shelf, box or hooks for keys, wallets, travel passes etc, as looking for misplaced essentials down the back of the sofa when you’re in a rush to get out is one of the greatest sources of clutter related frustration.

Instead of being too embarrassed to host friends for dinner, invite them over for a Decluttering Party to enlist their help and enjoy getting organised, together! Start with a small room or problem area, to keep motivated by seeing results quickly.

For more in-depth help, tips and Styling Tricks to achieve and maintain an uncluttered appearance, download my Decluttering Guide, or for personalised solutions, access the Clutter Clinic, a discreet email-based decluttering service.

Zoe HewettComment