Decorating with Flowers for Easter

There’s no better way to celebrate the arrival of Spring than by enjoying the new life it brings to the natural world. We love bringing evergreens into our homes at Christmas so why not make a point of enjoying florets and fronds in the home for Spring and Easter too?

A vibrant display of flowers instantly breathes life to any room, no matter the variety or colour, as they’re all beautiful in their own way.

Here are a few ideas for displaying them artfully around the home:

Mantelpieces or floating shelves are the most obvious place to display flowers. Try using several vases, rather than a central one or two symmetrically flanking the ends, as this can read as staid and stuffy. For an ordered look that has impact, line up a row of identical or similar sized pots, all containing a few stems of approximate height. Alternatively, vary the height of the vases and flower heads to create a lively rhythm for for the eye to follow. 

Zoe Hewett Interiors Flowers Sketch


For a ‘tidier’ look plop stems into opaque pots so they are disguised, and keep clear or coloured glass vases empty. Position them alongside too so they can also be appreciated, without stems inside interrupting the forms.

Dining tables look so much more inviting with a central floral display, and this simple trick creates a sense of occasion. Tall and bushy arrangements can disrupt dinner conversation, as I used to find to my annoyance when working on film sets as an Art Director! Opt instead for a shorter, squatter selection so you can enjoy your guests’ company just as much as the blooms.

A single vessel with a large, statement bouquet will look wonderful on the hearth, especially as it probably hasn’t been used for a few months. Introduce pretty petals or potted herbs into the kitchen to liven up the most functional and often least decorative space in the house.

Zoe Hewett Interiors Kitchen Herbs Sketch
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