Undress your windows for Spring...

The warmer weather and open windows has got me thinking how heavy those blackout-lined curtains can look and feel during the more summery months. It also reminds me of a long standing joke (read feud) between interior designers and architects regarding window treatments. Essentially we designers love froofing up their fenestration with fringing, folds and frills, while architects cringe at our spoiling of their masterpieces, especially now that many new buildings are sufficiently well insulated so as not to even need fancy draft excluders. A sweeping generalisation of course, humorously illustrated by our own Mayor George Ferguson during a debate about the relationship between the two professions at a British Institute of Interior Design event in Bristol a few years ago. One of the slides he presented depicted a satirical cartoonist’s sketch of a sleek, contemporary building with clean lines, lots of glass, and one window decorated (or defaced depending on your viewpoint) with totally over the top meringue-y curtains, much to the architect’s visible disappointment! 

Whilst I’m not one for changing home furnishings with every passing trend, seasonal alterations for reasons of fluctuating light and warmth levels seem perfectly reasonable. So perhaps consider undressing and unburdening your windows from their wintery cloaking, and use the opportunity to treat them to a good clean before stowing away until Autumn. Try a lighter, unlined textile with a little transparency such as muslin, voile, organza or even silk for Summer, simply and elegantly draped over a pole. Perhaps recreate a heritage feel with gravitas, as in the accompanying picture which illustrates a style popular in the late 19th Century.

Zoe Hewett Interiors C19th window treatment sketch
Zoe HewettComment