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Now the wedding season is in full swing, my thoughts have turned to matrimonial interior decor. Many brides like to feel every aspect of the day is bespoke, uniquely personal and reflective of their character. It can be hard to achieve this when hiring a large venue and stock tables and chairs, with sometimes limited choice of different coloured covers. As wedding costs and expectations have soared, so budgets have shrunk, increasing the popularity of home-made, hand-finished touches like bunting, and vintage crockery. 

The dining tables form an important part of the mise-en-scene, visually and spatially dominating the room, and later becoming the backdrop to the speeches. It is well worth investing a little effort into creating a beautiful tablescape. Aesthetically pleasing and an aid to starting conversation between guests not already familiar with each other, a fun or quirky, attractive arrangement will help make the day more memorable. 

Zoe Hewett Interiors Wedding Tablescapes


My out-there suggestion is to make your own non-Christmassy crackers, filled with hilarious anecdotes about The Happy Couple, streamers, confetti, bubbles, balloons, lottery scratch cards, mustaches - whatever you like. Simply cut a strip of lovely wrapping or tissue paper large enough to wrap around a kitchen roll tube (cut into two), stick double sided tape along one ‘inside’ edge of the paper making sure you leave a gap in the centre to aid it breaking when pulled apart. Pop in a cracker snap (available from any craft shop or online) before tying one end closed with ribbon or twine, place the goodies in the middle and tie up the other end. 

Of course you could do this for any other celebratory dinner occasion too! The tablescape in the picture is one I made on a shoestring especially for a hen weekend, hence the feminine and joyful palette. For a more formal do, reign in the colour selection to just one or two hues and perhaps a few pops of a contrasting accent colour.

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