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Interior Design is arguably a luxury service for residential homes, but for the commercial sector some level of professional design input is essential. Google have famously fun, design-orientated offices, with power-nap pods and playful spaces to keep staff inspired and productive. Independent traders lack the level of funds and infrastructure enjoyed by global giants, but those who invest in their interiors stand out a mile. One local business that embraces a sense of design and so caught my eye, is KudaCan (meaning “children” in Farsi), just off Bishopston’s beloved Gloucester Road. Curious to know how the professional look of the children's’ play cafe materialised, I asked its founder, Pegah Esmaili, a few questions. From the beginning she “wanted a strong brand that stands out , something warm and welcoming that both adults and children could associate with”. Understanding that environment affects people’s mood, Pegah set about briefing an illustrator to create the vivid orange character Kuda. More a complete branding concept than a mere logo, Kuda adorns the walls, website, signage and leaflets along with other cartoon chums doing different activities, which also visually shows the Can-Do ethos behind the concept.

Kudacan Play

“We care about every aspect of what we do and the services we provide and we hope our commitment to  high standards comes across through our brand and our facilities. There’s so much more to putting a business like this together than just what you see. We’ve given considerable thought to the layout, the quality of the play equipment, the loos, the food - everything is all linked up.” 

Having a design concept from the outset allowed Pegah to open with a clear brand image that she could build upon gradually as time and funds allowed, most noticeably by commissioning extra murals to embellish the space. Regularly changing and adding to the interior enlivens it, makes it dynamic and most importantly keeps it feeling loved - the best way to encourage regular customers. It’s a win-win situation!

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