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From time to time I am approached by magazine editors to contribute advice on interior trends. But, the truth is that although I do keep vaguely abreast of trend and colour forecasts, really I hate them. Style has always been my preference over following fashion, in both clothing and interiors, and a sense of environmental responsibility has always weighed heavy. The idea of replacing unbroken home furnishings with any regularity is an alien concept to me - if you truly love a blanket, vase, cabinet or curtain, you always will.

Fortunately the like minded souls at Pretty Nostalgic magazine have published a fantastic book ‘HOME: Happy Days From Vintage Ways’. Rather than cashing in on the vintage trend (which has spawned tons of faux-distressed, mass produced nonsense masquerading as ‘vintage products’), the team behind Pretty Nostalgic are absolutely authentic in their attitude. For them, and many of the members of their nationwide community The Nostalgianeers, vintage is a complete way of life, and ‘Hearts in the past, Minds on the future’ is their motto. Authors Nicole Burnett and Sarah Legg share photographs of their own charming homes and how thriftily they have achieved the characterful, cosy spaces within. Alongside plenty of archival images from their extensive postcard and ephemera collections are useful housekeeping tips and interesting (even surprising) historical facts. If you too would like to live in a more creative and sustainable way at home then this book will both inspire and inform! 

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