Decorating a Rented Property...

Click through to buy the book!

Click through to buy the book!

September already, and its back to school for students of all ages. For many undergraduates, that means ditching the familiarity of their teenage bedrooms for dingy digs painted (and I’d put money on this!) magnolia with white gloss woodwork. Hardly a breeding ground for inspiration and attending to homework and revision, and not a very practical backdrop to wild parties that are sure to involve at least a few red wine splats (or one to engender respect for a property). The transience of renting can make it seem like too much hard work to bother making one’s surroundings pleasant, but our environment has a huge influence on our emotions whether we are aware of it or not. An organised and well decorated space (whatever your taste) is unquestionably more conducive to living well than an unattractive and messy interior. While more lenient landlords are prepared to let their tenants nest in with a little cosmetic DIY, many are understandably fearful of allowing renters loose on their properties, wielding dripping wet paint rollers (especially those with beige carpets)! But there are now plenty of cheap and cheerful solutions to style up even the tiniest uni hall-of-residence matchbox quickly and without making a mess or upsetting landlords. 

The decorative possibilities of washi tape are endless, and it leaves no residueor damage on walls when gently peeled away, and now has numerous options for temporary, removable wallpaper and murals.

‘Home For Now’, the first book by stylist Joanna Thornhill, would make a great gift to pack students off with. Full of ideas, inspiring pictures and practical projects this book teaches how to disguise ugly furniture, style up shelves, create unique headboards and generally make a home out of new and temporary surroundings. Blossom where you’re planted! 

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