Styling Soft Furnishings

Blooming Bryony Armchair

This month I thought I’d share one of my recent projects - styling a photoshoot for an up and coming textiles designer Blooming Bryony Designs - and some insight to the of role an interiors stylist. The aim is usually to showcase a product in surroundings that the target consumer can relate to, yet with a touch of something special to elevate it from the everyday - to make it eye catching. In this instance that meant finding an appropriate London location, rather than building a set in a studio, and finding props that would compliment the boldness of the fabrics without fighting for attention, or upstaging them. What makes magazine images of interiors look so good, apart from skill-full photography and lighting design, is what isn’t in the shot as opposed to what is. Being selective about what goes in to the frame or scene, is critical. It must also satisfy the art director’s overall concept for the shoot, be that a very simple aesthetic, or the complex, highfalutin fantasy of an auteur. Including personal clutter is an obvious no-no, but vital signs of human life are often found in stylish shoes or coffee table tomes, usually about fashion or design (you’ll start noticing them everywhere now!). Budgets are tight and everything must be sourced within a strict deadline, and beautiful books just happen to be the kind of thing that creative types often have to hand. There’s certainly plenty of unglamorous lugging about of heavy, awkward ‘stuff’, and waiting patiently while photographers work their magic. But it is fun, pleasurable and above all a privilege to be working with exquisite goods, making pretty pictures to be enjoyed. 

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