Zoe Hewett Interiors at Grand Designs Live

Zoe Hewett Neverland Roomset Grand Designs

This month I’m *mega* excited to share that I will be taking a little pirate spirit from Bristol to London for the Grand Designs Live show at the ExCel Centre. Having been selected along with five other finalists to create a Grand Interiors Roomset based on the theme of Famous Places That Never Existed, I have been busily sourcing all manner of tropical homeware to create a space inspired by Neverland (less Michael Jackson, more Peter Pan). With a nod to the flamingoes, Skull Rock and pirate ships from the story, the outcome can only be theatrical-bordering-on-bonkers. The aim is to inspire visitors to the show to try the looks they like at home, and all suppliers of the items used in the displays will be credited so that they are easy to find. Above is a visualisation of how it should end up looking, but if you’d like to see it for real along with the other contestants’ sets, you can buy tickets online at www.granddesignslive.com. The show opens 30th April, the winner for best roomset design will be announced on the Grand Interiors Stage by Kevin McCloud on 6th May, and the show closes 8th May. It really is a grand day out, so get your best flat shoes ready and come along for some incredible interior, garden, design and build inspiration at this enormous event.


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