The importance of Playing House (in the garden)

Zoe Hewett Interiors Teepee

From making dens with foraged foliage in the garden, to slinging a sheet over a few chairs in the lounge, playing house is an archetypal childhood game, and one I certainly spent many hours happily playing. There is something eternally and intrinsically appealing about a miniature house, cosy nook or den. Shop bought wendy-houses can often be gender specific, bulky and awkward to build. Teepees are trendy so can be pretty pricey, so I decided to make a thrifty one for my little person to chill out in with a pile of cushions and a few favourite toys. It’s always good to support local independent shops, as they often have that special something that’s a little bit different. So, I headed to the Gloucester Road treasure trove that is Flo-Jo Boutique, and chose a multi-coloured star printed ripstop (also known as parachute-fabric). This is ideal for a quick craft project, as it doesn’t fray, and therefore doesn’t require hemming. It can be wiped clean, and won’t mind getting a bit wet in the rain, making it perfect for both outdoor and indoor use.

Using a simple pattern, bamboo canes from Bishopston Hardware and a few lengths of ribbon leftover from previous projects, I machine-stitched and assembled the teepee in just a couple of evenings. It is stowed neatly in the narrow gap between wardrobe and wall, and collapses quickly and neatly away after a day of play. Needless to say it’s been a hit with the four year old! 

To make your own teepee, you can download the instructions here. Happy camping!


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