How To Hygge at Home

Hygge Interior Zoe Hewett

If you are a fan of interiors, you have probably seen the unpronounceable word ‘hygge' or ‘hyggelig' mentioned everywhere over the last year, from instagram to magazines and coffee table tomes. A Danish term for a concept we don’t quite have an equivalent of, it means approximately ‘cosy’. Normally, it is used to describe the warm fuzzy feeling you get when intimately spending quality time with friends, for example. Like any industry fickle enough to succumb to and be influenced by trends, the interiors world has wholeheartedly embraced this delightful image of stylish Scandinavians cosying up under beautiful blankets. The more cynical among us might say this is just another marketing bandwagon aimed at separating consumers from their disposable income, with hygge branded throws, sheepskins, vases and so on. A candle with the word hyggelig printed on it makes a room no more snug than a nameless night-lite, tallow or taper, after all! 

But, to get in the spirit of things, the best way to inject an authentic hygge atmosphere to your home, is to invite close friends around to pass the time together on the last long dark evenings before Spring comes. By all means light the fire if you have one, add plenty of candlelight, textured throws, and a schnapps, bitters or hot chocolate. Or if you find solace in solitude, there is no better way to savour a few quiet moments than curling up with a good read. Transform a quiet corner of your home into an inviting book nook, with a comfortable chair, good reading light, nice warming drink, and a cosy cushion or throw. Use items you already own and cherish with each use, and simply imagine our pre-television Scandinavian counterparts enjoying the Sagas or some other opus, at the cosiest of firesides during seemingly endless winters. You surely can’t get more hygge than that. 

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