How To Live With A Designer Without Killing Them - Book Review

Designers Are Annoying Book.jpg

My sense of self preservation is strong. So for Christmas, I gave my partner a copy of ‘How To Live With a Designer Without Killing Them’. Written by Alan Long, creative director at a London design consultancy, after his wife kept telling their friends how awful he was to live with, I knew it was going to be essential reading for our household. As Long points out, we designers are not ordinary people. 

It has been useful to read the particular ways in which we are extraordinary (read: really quite annoying). I chuckled, chortled then cringed at every page, in recognition of my possessing almost all the classic 'designery' traits that apparently drive other people mad (back in my Scenic days my assistant would often roll her eyes and say "Oh Zo, you're so designery")!

I can’t say I’ll ever change my ways, but at least I now know which ways offend, and my partner knows that these ways are, frankly, innate. There are no scientifically proven, tried and tested methods suggested for coping with the stress of cohabiting with a designer in this book. Instead, our best and (mostly) worst qualities are clearly defined, and illustrated with lovely sketches. For example, perfectionism in arranging and organising things; cooking according to the most aesthetically pleasing colour palette rather than the actual recipe (especially frustrating for the scientist looking over my shoulder); obsessive use of pencils, an unnatural love of Apple products and extreme hatred for the font Comic Sans.

Identifying our idiosyncrasies in this way may help us reign in our pedantry from time to time and encourage acceptance and tolerance from others. Here’s hoping!

‘How To Live With a Designer Without Killing Them’ is available from Amazon priced £7.99