Upholstery and Trains


If you are not a regular user of Bristol’s Redland railway station, chances are you will have no idea that the old ticket building on the platform is the unexpected home of upholstery duo Hamilton & Hodson. Nicky and Erica, as they are also known, have created a delightful studio inside the old waiting room where they lay out rolls of material along the original bench seats. The long, narrow building lends itself very well to the different stages of upholstery work, as simply by closing the doors between each section of the space, sawdust and varnish are safely isolated from their beautiful selection of finishing-touch fabrics and trims. There is something appropriate about the train building that suits the hands-on activities going on inside, of making and repairing tangible things with a variety of tools. Upholstery is an old skill, and a great way to prolong the life of an item of furniture, so it is almost unsurprising that Nicky once reupholstered a Queen Anne wing arm chair from 1710. If you have an heirloom piece that needs reviving, or fancy giving upholstery a try, Hamilton & Hodson can help as alongside their services they run evening classes and one day workshops. Check out their site for more details:  http://hamiltonandhodson.co.uk

Zoe HewettComment