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Learn About Retrofit For Your Home At Bristol Green Doors

You may have heard that we have a climate emergency on our hands and that we have to abandon our reliance on fossil fuels with a new urgency. For homeowners and interior design fans this means starting right away by consuming less (read my article on the trouble with trends here), using less energy, switching to renewable sources, generating our own power onsite and even rethinking some of the building materials we use. The village of eco-homes in St Werbugh’s is a popular destination for a Sunday afternoon stroll, but no longer is it enough to saunter past momentarily enjoying the quaintness of the wibbly-wobbly wooden window frames. We have to become proactive about retrofitting our homes to become more energy efficient and we have to do it now. Start this weekend! Bristol Green Doors is back and you can learn how to improve your home’s carbon footprint without necessarily making it look like a Hobbit House!

Bristol Green Doors

If you haven’t heard of Bristol Green Doors before it is an open house trail of a dozen homes across the city that have successfully been retrofitted using environmentally friendly, even reclaimed materials, natural fibre insulation, solar power, electric car charging points and more across a range of properties dating from the Victorian period and across the twentieth century. 

Bristol Green Doors

You can meet the homeowners who are on hand to inspire, educate and sharing their experiences to empower you on your retrofit journey. Quiz them about installers they would (or wouldn’t!) recommend, view the work and think about how you can replicate their successes in your own property. 

If you are interested in attending but can’t make it along this weekend fear not, the Bristol Green Doors website is full of useful case studies, crammed with detail and about what was done and metrics charting each property's energy performance. You don’t even have to wait until the weekend to read those, you can start right now! This isn’t just about saving a few quid on your energy bills anymore. This is about contributing to protecting all of our futures.