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Think Like A Designer Don’t Act Like One - Book Review
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If you had a book voucher for Christmas and it is burning a hole in your pocket then you can definitely do worse than spending it on a copy of ‘Think Like A Designer - Don’t Act Like One’ by Jeroen Van Erp. Encompassing many flavours of design from furniture and fashion to products, buildings and even services, the book whips through different aspects of the design process and design thinking that are common to all design disciplines. 

For example, finding inspiration is always essential at the start of any design project and sometimes you have to actively seek it out rather than wait for it to land in your lap. This is beautifully illustrated by a page about one of the most iconic chairs of all time, the LC4 by Le Corbusier, Pierre Jeanneret and Charlotte Perriand. Once you know it was based on the idea of a cowboy lying back relaxing with a pipe, you can understand why it looks the way it does and picture the user in situ. 

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The book isn’t entirely nerdy or serious though and the author certainly enjoys poking fun at how idiosyncratic and annoying we designers can be with our strong opinions, incessant desire to improve everything and oversized glasses. 

What I love about it the book is that it gives an insight into the creative minds of designers and the processes they use to do what they do, as all too often it is shrouded in mystery and largely misunderstood. With numbered bitesize facts and rumination its a nice one to dip in and out of as and when you fancy - perfect for the loo!

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