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Make Your Home Unique With Red Dog Glass Design Art Panels
Red Dog Glass Design Grey Kitchen

One of the perks of writing my interior design blog is that I am often approached by the most extraordinarily talented and interesting artists, designers and makers. Recently I caught up with Sally, one of my fellow finalists in the Homes & Interiors category at this year’s Bristol Life Awards to find out more about the how and why she created her innovative new venture, Red Dog Glass Design. A long-time painter for pleasure Sally became a full time artist relatively recently and has developed her work into a high quality glass product that is tough enough to be installed as kitchen splash-backs and shower panels, among other architectural applications. Serving a practical function as well as being enjoyed for its vibrant colour, texture and visual rhythm Sally’s art is now the ultimate option for those wishing to make their interiors bespoke and truly unique.

How did you begin your career as an artist?

Well it’s a bit of a long story but my art career is roughly my 8th career change – Im always looking for a new challenge and crikey the art world has definitely presented me with that!! I have painted as a hobby for the past 20 years but 4 years ago I decided I had absolutely had enough of the corporate world and it was time to follow my passion, painting!I So I have been to art school and now I have a fabulous studio ‘The Works’ down in Bedminster. I exhibit my work regularly in both Bristol and London as launched Red Dog Glass Design in November 2018. 

What made you paint onto perspex?

I was experimenting with the interaction between paint and different surfaces. I experimented on copper, sheet metal, aluminium and the obvious canvas/paper but Perspex was intriguing. I worked out how to paint in reverse on the perspex playing with colour combinations – it was fabulous – I created 2 large paintings (1m x1m) that I suspended from the ceiling in the gallery so you could circumnavigate it. I used spot lights to add an additional element. 

Red Dog Glass Design White Kitchen

How did you come to realise you could apply your art to glass panels?

Well, it all happened after a really interesting response I had from visitors to an exhibition in December 2017. I made an experimental painting on perspex, and hung it from the ceiling of the gallery so you could circumnavigate it. These visitors were imagining it hung in all sorts of places, and this really got me thinking …. lightbulb moment…. and the idea for contemporary art glass panels for the home was born.  What excited me was the opportunity to introduce my artwork into people’s homes in a different medium which is both really practical and makes an impressive visual statement too. I was excited by the challenge of learning how to transfer my work to new materials. Glass renders the colours (which I love!) in such a beautiful, rich way. I have started by focussing on kitchens and bathrooms but hotels and office spaces are quickly following, all very exciting, watch this space!

What can you tell us about the fabrication process?

Pretty well all orders tend to be a bespoke size– once you have provided accurate measurements, the glass will be cut to size and then go through a toughening process, We use 6mm toughened, low iron glass which meets BS6206 standards and all the glass panels supplied are heat resistant to 220˚C. All external glass edges are polished smooth and the manufacturer provides a 10 year guarantee against colour or print delamination (peeling). Our manufacturer uses hi-tech machinery which ensures extremely accurate and close- fitting cuts, it can accommodate notches, curves and other irregular shapes.

Once the design and colour is agreed the image is printed into the glass, cured and then sealed.

Your finished work of art on glass will be delivered to you in a hand-built wooden crate,  it is looked after and treated with the utmost care – it will arrive at your door as a piece of fine art work would.

Red Dog Glass Design White Kitchen

What other applications are there for your pieces?

Red Dog Glass panels are extremely versatile works of fine art, they can be used as kitchen splash-backs, amazing waterproof feature walls in your shower (no more cleaning tiles), behind baths or sinks in your bathroom. We have supplied some for peoples living rooms as a standalone artwork. Communal reception spaces in hotels, apartment blocks, office buildings and hospitals. The beauty of Red Dog Design is that they are not just works of contemporary art that can be manufactured up to 3090mm x 1000mm per panel in size, they are also highly practical and can be wiped and cleaned very easily. Perfect for busy living spaces.

Who buys your work?

I have a real selection of customers / potential customers ranging from private residential clients, interior designers, architects, kitchen/bathroom designers, property developers looking to create something new and fresh for their new build for either the apartments or the communal reception areas,  hotels, corporates, lift companies, interiors for yachts and hospitals – the beauty of this product is that is unique contemporary art yet it is practical as you can just wipe it clean.


Where did the name Red Dog come from?

Red pigment paintings of dogs can be found in early cave paintings around the world – the earliest dwellings and therefore the original symbol of our desire to make home and decorate it with personal and meaningful art. Living spaces even tens of thousands of years ago were as important then as in the 21st century. Red Dog belongs at the heart of all living spaces.

What is next for your business?

I’m working very hard in the marketing of the product at the moment as it is such a new product to market I need to spread the word and make people aware of its existence. Lots of meetings in both Bristol and London with designers and architects. In addition to this I have been approached by an overseas developer to supply glass for their new apartment block so I am investigating the logistical aspects of this new challenge!! I also continue to develop my painting practice and have started to build some new images for 2020’s limited edition. 

Red Dog Glass Design Shower

Thank you so much for taking the time to talk to me about your fantastic product Sally!

Find out more about Red Dog Glass Design online

Special thanks to Lizzie Everard