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Make Your Interior Unique with Artisan Surface Design
Stephanie Tudor Splash-back.jpg

This year you might have noticed the resurgence of terrazzo in magazines, on tiles and even printed pattern versions on the high street. One local artisan is quite the expert at this  five hundred year old technique, applying it to table tops, kitchen work-surfaces, tiles, cladding, wall art and sculptures, but it is terrazzo with a twist.


Stephanie Tudor- OXIDE Table top (2200x1000mm).jpg

Not wanting to be restricted to fabrics and yarns while studying Textiles at Central Saint Martins, Stephanie Tudor began experimenting with “any material she could get her hands on”. Now a specialist in bespoke surface design working predominately on a commission basis, typical clients can include “friends buying a bespoke tile or an architecture firm commissioning public sculptures”. Using jesmonite, a water-based gypsum composite resin that can be mixed with coloured pigments and metal powders, Stephanie produces fire-proof, hard wearing and ultimately unique pieces from pots and trays to splash-backs. I had to ask what the interiors trend this year has meant for her, if anything. “Terrazzo is big right now, and trends never last for long! I have definitely caught a wave of work from it which has been great, but also am reassured that my work is developing away from terrazzo effect surfaces which I am excited about.” 

Stephanie Tudor- Beech Road Kitchen 2.jpg

I’m looking forward to seeing how Stephanie’s new work turns out and am avidly following her adventures on her current artist residency in Finland - casting, moulding and firing interesting things in the woods! It is a privilege to see some of the processes involved. You can see too on instagram or browse more of her work and make an enquiry at

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Terrazzo: Interior Trend of The Year 2018

It may horrify some readers to know that the 1970s has been hotly tipped to make a comeback this year.  Personally I am quite excited as there is really lots to love about the decade that style forgot. With dubious colour combinations that you know you shouldn’t really like but secretly do abit, curvy graphic wallpapers, macrame, bamboo and rattan, there’s lots of scope for reimagining the style in new ways. My favourite decorative element has to be Terrazzo though. 

Photo by  Tj Kolesnik  on  Unsplash

Photo by Tj Kolesnik on Unsplash

If you are not too sure what I am talking about just check out this delightful pup who has somehow managed to style himself and his bed perfectly on top of this yellow ochre example. Used on floors and sometimes walls, terrazzo is the artful arranging and setting of marble or stone chips into cement, followed by laborious grinding and polishing to create a quality finish. It pre-dates the 1970s by about half a century of course, but when the technique of using resin instead of cement was developed in the 70s, it became easier to produce and has been associated with the period ever since. Granite, glass, metals and quartz offcuts and chips can all be used, giving it reasonable environmental credentials with this possibility for waste recycling. It is not easy to achieve at home as a DIY project, and bespoke poured terrazzo does not come cheap, but there are tiles and slabs ‘in the style of‘ available. If you don't mind your soft furnishings resembling hard, cold floors, you can now even find terrazzo patterns printed on to cushions and duvet covers (I told you it was trendy)! Take a look at some of my favourite examples below (all from Pinterest).

Terrazzo Moodboard

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