The original interior design wedding present

If you are struggling for unusual wedding present ideas for the couple who already have everything then you are in the right place!

Whether they have bought a new house, or lived together for years, their wedding marks a new chapter for which the marital home will be an important backdrop and one worth getting right. The Newlyweds Nest experience box has been specially designed to help happy couples get married life off to the best possible start by facilitating the designing of their home together in a joyful way.

They will learn the truth about each other’s interior design dreams, how to find and apply inspiration, and feel confident about using colour. By following the Stylemongers Of Bristol method, both personalities can be reflected in the design scheme - no more getting lost on Pinterest or arguing about pink paint.

What’s in the box? 

Card Game Quiz - a fun way to explore each other’s interior design taste

Workbook - all the information needed to create an interior design scheme

Pencils - plastic free scribbling

Notebook - jot down and sketch out new ideas

Use the box to collect and store fabric samples and paint charts

Choose from two packaging colourway options:

  • Classic Monochrome

  • Pride Rainbow

Newlyweds Nest aims to help couples create beautifully balanced decor to support them in leading happy, healthy lives together.

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