Online Interior Design Consultation

Online Interior Design Consultation


Award-winning designer Zoe can help you progress your project towards completion, wherever you are in the country, with the online version of the Stylemongers Of Bristol Interior Design Consultation. If you are wasting time on Pinterest, overwhelmed by choice, get distracted by sales & trends, lack confidence & vision, feel tired of decision making, can’t choose or agree on colour, are afraid of getting it wrong or can’t visualise the finished space then this is the service for you. Let us help you feel proud of your comfortable, practical and stylish home that reflects your personality and welcomes your guests. Specially designed to understand your taste and the particular challenges of your space, this online service will unpick and resolve the problems in your room, galvanise your ideas, bring clarity and style direction to the project and help you visualise your room completed. Your unique Follow Up Report will guide you towards the finish line!

Follow Up Report Contents:

Layout Sketch - begin to imagine yourself living in the space

Colour Palette - get a feel for the overall mood of your scheme

Professional written advice and signposting for each aspect of the room

Curated Inspiration Images - visualise the style of your finished room and stay on track

How It works:

1. Book your consultation online

2. Download your questionnaire

3. Take photos & measure up your room

4. Return your questionnaire 

5. Receive your Follow Up Report pdf

6. Use our advice to finish your project!

To get started simply add to cart. Once you check out you will receive an instant email containing a link to your questionnaire, so download and save it straight away so that you can get the ball rolling for completing your interior design project today!

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